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hiking and cycling

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Create routes for
Are you an experienced traveler or are you going on your first tour?

We will help you plan it: mark important places, create routes for each day, download them for further navigation.
Hiking, trekking, backpacking
Are you a hiker, do you hike for one or more days?

We know about the trails and roads in the woods and mountains and can automatically build a route on them. And where there are no roads, we build a route in a straight line.

We calculate the distance, the total gain, and the total loss of altitude.
Are you a cyclist, ride in the city or take long bike trips?

We can help you build a route depending on your needs and your bike — highway, mountain, or city.

We'll show you what will be under the wheels — asphalt or dirt — and build a graph of the elevation profile.
Motorcycle, and road trips
Do you travel by motorcycle, car or like enduro?

Google Maps are good, we use them ourselves in the city. But they are of little use where the asphalt ends. This is why we use maps with country roads marked on them.

And to lay the route, we have special modes that take into account the type of transport.
Rafting and water tourism
Are you a water tourist?

We know how to automatically build a route on the rivers.

It is enough to put only two points: start and finish. That's all, the kilometrage, which takes into account every bend of the river, will be in front of you.
Do you like running? Training in the city or in the mountains?

Create a route, and we'll show you what kind of altitude difference awaits you in training.
Event organizers and bloggers
Are you an organizer of a race, or bike parade? Or write your own blog?

Our map with your routes can easily be embedded into any website.

You can display the altitude profile graph right on it, and participants can download the route file in GPX or KML format. You don’t need to separately upload it somewhere.
Go for the emotions.
We’ll help you with the route planning
Join the community
Our whole team is here. We are as warm and cozy as at home. You can ask us any question related to ActiveTrip. me and outdoors. And we or members of the community will try to promptly answer it
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
And planning. Lao Tzu forgot about planning. Planning is important, we know.